General Information

Considering joining, but you don't have a character already? Why not check out our adoptables? If your character is not a shifter, don't worry, there are several co-ranks that can be done without hands, and Krokar does not discriminate based on species or ability to shift.


Prospective joiners will initially be seen in a much more friendly manner if they brought something that the pack is able to use in trade. They are free to assume they heard about this from passing loners. Those without something for the pack will still be accepted.

More important points:

  • In Character joining is strongly preferred, except where the character being picked up is already an NPC in the pack.
  • While being overly submissive is not necessary, be respectful of the Krokar greeter(s).
  • Be sure not to trespass. See our trespassing policy for more information.


Please include this form when posting the joining thread in the Krokar Forum. You can always change your mind on your desired rank path later; house claims are optional (characters can choose to live elsewhere in the territory); we will add NPCs to the appropriate wiki page if they are listed.

[b]Desired rank path:[/b]
[b]House Claim:[/b]
[b]Canine NPC(s):[/b] this includes a cNPC and any yNPCs. Please note if each character is adoptable - we can list him/her as such on the rank table.
[b]Animal NPC(s):[/b]

Automatic Acceptance

After one week, new joiners will be automatically accepted into the pack so that they can start getting integrated, even if the joining thread has slowed down. Obviously a character who has done something horribly wrong in the joining thread will not be automatically accepted.

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