General Contact Information

In general, many things having to do with Krokar procedures can be posted to the maintenance thread, but here are the specifics.

Things that should go to the maintenance thread:

  • Point requests
  • Website and wiki update requests

Things that should be PMed to the Krokar account:

  • Co-rank requests
  • Promotion requests
  • Pack-wide plot ideas, or private plots that will affect the pack as a whole or relations with another pack



I've been a member of 'Souls since 2012 and play a few characters, including one of the Krokar Captains, Lucille. If you'd like to plot, please feel free to contact me! I'm always open to hearing any ideas. Instant Messenger disclaimer: I run these on my phone, so my online status isn't always correct. If I don't answer, don't worry, I will eventually! I'm likely working or sleeping. PM me for Discord/Skype info!


Oh hello it is I, Mandi! I've been a 'Soulster since 2014 and play a modest number of characters, including one of Krokar's Captains, Milos Parhelion. I love hashing out plot ideas and helping members out with their co-rank needs, so don't be afraid to reach out to me for anything you think I can help with. :D You can find me on Discord (Mandi#0384) or feel free to PM me anytime!

Sub-leaders and OOC Managers

None at this time! :)