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Krokar is a pack of fishermen, traders, and herdsmen. It is not uncommon for some members to be gone from the packlands for long periods of time while on trading and exploration trips. While individual opinions vary, the pack as a whole does not discriminate based on species or ability to shift. Nearly anyone can find a home here.


Krokaran packlands encompass the northeast side of the River of Fire area. Abundant waterways, dense forestry, flatlands, foothills, swampland, and open field make up her geography. Old remnants of human activity are slowly being reclaimed by the land, but the area is most known for the snaking river that burns through the territory.


Loosely based off the hierarchy of a ship, the ranks are split up into 5 tiered paths focusing on Trade, Production, Foundation, Exploration, and Defense. Co-ranks are highly encouraged to define a character’s responsibilities and duties within the pack.


Driven from their lands by a flood and seeking better enterprise for their business, two wanderers; a seafaring dog and savvy tradeswoman, sought out to find new territory to settle on. They invited like minded loners to join them on their travels, finding there was strength and safety in numbers, and eventually, locating a viable spot they could call home within the River of Fire area.

Social Structure

Sociocratic in nature, the well being of Krokar is governed by a trusted council under the Captain(s) which discusses and reasons together until a final decision is found agreeable by each individual. Final decisions are ultimately made by the Captain(s), but only after he or she has strongly considered input from the council.


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Icon & Colors

Kraken Blue (#057D9F)
Seaglass (#61D7A4)

Demonym & Abbreviation



Merchants, Fishers, Adventurers, Farmers, Loyalists, Spiritualists, Fighters


Slavers, Tyrants, Murderers, Rapists, Moochers, Mutineers