At a young age, the Krokar are introduced to the ways of the pack, and one of the major aspects of pack economy is Fishing. Guppies are brought along on fishing trips before they can shift to observe, learn techniques, and get their first experiences on pack canoes and boats. Though the use of hands would come later, they'd be exposed to the correct ways to use nets, spears, line, and poles in the hopes they'd be able to pick these sames skills up when they come of age.

Greenhorns without a fear of the water are taught the same skills and are often mentored by the higher ups so they can receive the best education before choosing a Path within the pack. All members of the Krokar are expected to acquire some skill in Fishing. This is not simply limited to the act of fishing, but also pertains to skinning and gutting a catch, helping to prepare needed materials and tools for fishing, mending nets, waterproofing rope, etc.

The Krokaran spend a fair amount of time on the water. Through trial and error, they have learned how to build rafts and canoes that can withstand the tributaries, rivers, and lakes that surround or run through their territory. Oftentimes, the best fishing spots are found or can be accessed while sailing out on placid waters that are well away from the shore. Due to fast currents and unpredictable riptides, the ocean is avoided; Krokaran prefer to stick to the streams and waterways their vessels were built for.


Trading is easily the heart and soul of Krokar and one of the most rewarding aspects of the pack. Wealth is brought into the pack from trading Krokaran goods (fish, animal by products, caribou, etc.), and is often done by caribou or draft horse-drawn caravan. This means of transportation allows the trading party to be away from the pack for extended periods of time. Some members are dedicated almost completely to Trade, building relationships with other packs, and finding new partners in the trading world.

Guppies are sometimes brought along on trading expeditions to get a first hand look at how the Krokar conducts their business. Only the most trusted of Greenhorns, and those well on their way to promotion, are invited on the trade routes.

For characters who hold no love for water, the Trade path might be the best route for him/her. Your character can spend the majority of their time conducting business on land.

Animal Husbandry

Animal husbandry is an integral part of Krokaran life, as it contributes directly to their inner economy and Trade. Guppies as well as Greenhorns will oftentimes find themselves learning from and aiding the Herdsmen and Drovers, with the livestock and the caribou herd. Every pack member is expected to have some skill in this area, and again they are not limited to the tasks they could perform to prove their knowledge. Basic animal husbandry can be obtained from mucking stalls, feeding the animals, grooming draft-horses, fetching water, etc.

Krokar members who prefer the more "land bound" tasks have come from hunting caribou to herding them, protecting, and maintaining a small group of around ten animals. Tying in with Krokar's respect for all things, every part of the caribou (and other livestock) are put to some use: bones can be made into tools, sinew can be turned to thread, hide used for clothes, etc.

Over the Spring and Summer months, the caribou are trained for the sled-pulling they're required for in the Winter, which allows the Krokar to continue trading with other packs during the snowier months. Some of their mature caribou have also been trained to pull Krokar caravans along with the draft horses. Both domesticated animals are the main form of transportation and means of trading for the pack as their canoes and rafts can only go so far.



Some of the Krokar have known each other for quite a while. Several members are descended from dogs that belonged to fishermen while others learned to fish by trying different techniques they saw in scavenged books. The group formed when a pair of dog mixes, Aster and Briar came across coydogs Claude and Pepper, and wolfdogs Gavin and Taseko while looking to trade. They banded together due to their shared fishing heritage, teaching each other new techniques and skills to strengthen their combined knowledge.

Eventually, Aster and Briar had a litter of four puppies: Tybalt, Finlay, Gus, and Eliza, increasing their numbers. They, along with the rest of the group's members, passed down their shared knowledge of fishing, trading, and animal husbandry. All pitched in to help the group survive and groom the next generation of Krokar, gaining the huntress Iroquois in the Summertime.

In October 2012, Aster, Briar, and Tybalt were away on a trading trip when the hurricane struck. Tybalt survived while his parents did not. Gus was away as well, exploring a new shoreline when he came across Lucille, whose ship also fell victim to the hurricane. The two eventually made their way back to Gus's family, only to learn of the death of his parents. Despite the loss of two of its members, the group had to move forward, gaining Hazel as a member, and she quickly found her place with the livestock and Gavin's caribou.

They continued trading and fishing until 2014 when their rivers flooded, driving them from their homes and forcing them to resettle elsewhere. Having traveled through the area, Gus and Lucille knew a good spot and the group decided to move there while looking to bolster their numbers. Some have moved already while others are still working on salvaging their old homes to bring those supplies to their new home.