Davy Jones' Locker

General Information

Below are icons that you can collect for your character and display on his or her profile and/or wiki page. Note that the characters do not have these items ICly unless noted otherwise below.

Certain ones have specific requirements. For example, the trade ones must have the trade take place in the thread before the thread drops off or ends in order to count. All Krokar participants can earn the catacomb, and the threads follow the usual completion rules: you individually make three posts, or have a total individual word count of 1000+.

Membership Longevity

Nautilus: 3 Months
Cuttlefish: 6 Months
Squid: 1 Year
Octopus: 2 Years
Kraken: 3 Years



Anchor: gain a Co-rank
Golden Anchor: gain 4 Co-ranks
Silver Anchor: create Your Own Co-rank


Compass: tapped to Become a Navigator. Your character will ICly own a compass.
Coin: promoted to Quartermaster
Shield: promoted to Commander

Trade and Exploration

Coin Pouch: complete a trade while helping at the Outpost
Treasure Sack: successfully trade with 4 packs
Treasure Chest: successfully trade with all packs
Spyglass: Discover a new place in the Ruins of Tog and create an approved description

Interaction and Relationships

Knot: gain a mate (option one)
Knotted Heart: gain a mate (option two)
Single Oar: interact with every pNPC
Crossed Oars: have a thread with every Krokar member (pack threads do not count)
Lighthouse: successfully recruit someone to the pack
Ship's Bell: complete 5 monthly thread prompts
Ship's Wheel: create a pack plot
Fishbones: successfully complete a task denoted by Abbott


Adopted a Krokaran
Participated in the Little Bandits icon hunt
Participated in the Austringer Hostility
Participated in Krokar's first caribou race