Thread Prompts

General Information

Thread prompts must be started in their assigned month, but can be submitted for points anytime thereafter. Each prompt is worth 20 points on top of regular game points earned. All participants can earn points, and the threads follow the usual completion rules: you make three posts, or have a total word count of 1000+.

August Thread Prompts

  • Help a packmate by searching them for ticks. Save any you've pulled off and use them as fishing bait!
  • Find a friend and take a raft or canoe out on one of Krokar's many waterways! Do a little fishing, swimming, or just relax and enjoy the tranquility around you.
  • Hazel could use some help training some of the less experienced horses. Maybe give her a hand?
  • What are those pesky river otters up to out on Fisk√∂? Give them a visit and see how they're doing. Beware of their playful antics!