Basic Info

Each member can fly flags on their personal canoe or raft. Examples include flags for the pack, their family name, co-ranks, and the Paths they’ve chosen. Each Path has a different colored background, and each rank level uses this color with a different symbol. These flags are usually triangular in shape and can come in many colors. Characters are free to make their own, or ask the resident Tailors to make them one.

Flags are also used to communicate between different fishing parties or with those back on the shore. They can be used to alert members of danger, when help is needed, and even to signal when it’s time to haul in the current catch and transport it back to the village.

Rank and Path Flags

Each Path has it's own symbol, and each rank has a color. Flags are dyed by Luperci, so they aren't all exactly the same color. When characters join, they are given the Greenhorn flag. When characters are promoted, it is assumed that they are given the flag appropriate to their new rank and path, and they are free to continue displaying their previous ones as well.

They can be displayed on profiles, signatures, anywhere on Souls really. Right-click to get the image url; no need to re-host.

Use the code below to display each one on the board.

[imgtitle="Hover Text Here"]image url here[/imgtitle]


  • Leadership: sunflower yellow
  • Navigator: red
  • Magnate: purple
  • Wayfarer: kraken blue
  • Outrigger: seaglass green
  • Greenhorn: seaglass green and kraken blue


  • Navigator: compass on one side, path symbol on the other
  • Trade: treasure bag
  • Production: corn
  • Exploration: map
  • Defense: crossed spears