In order to advance, please complete the necessary threads for your character to earn a co-rank and PM the Krokar account. Be sure to note that you want both the co-rank and the promotion.

Specific requirements for gaining ranks can be found in the rank descriptions.

If you do not wish to maintain more than a certain number of co-ranks, please PM the leadership with the plan you have for advancing without them.

Thread Completion

In order for a thread to count as completed, you must have posted at least three times or have a total word count of at least 1000 words. Threads do not have to be archived to be considered completed.

Attending to New Joiners


Any member ranked Outrigger and above, along with Old Salt may officially greet joiners. They are welcome to ask a few questions and should be polite unless provoked, but should not invite an outsider into the territory until they have been accepted.

Joining threads need to move quickly. If you cannot reasonably post once a day, please do not join them. Along the same line, please do not join a thread unless the original greeter cannot accept the joiner and your character is able to.


Members of Magnate rank or above may accept new joiners ICly. If there is already a character who can accept in the thread, please don't join it unless it has been discussed prior.

Multiple characters

Each player may only have one character in a Navigator rank or above. Capping your character at a certain rank is as easy as not applying for a promotion. In the case of characters up for selection to be a Navigator, if you would like your character to be capped at the Magnate rank, just let us know.

Mandatory threads

Generally mandatory threads will be open for a month or more, and only one post will be required. Failure to post without notifying the pack leadership will result in a single rank demotion.


Please discuss your plans for aNPC status with the pack leadership.


Krokar follows the board-wide procedures when it comes to trespassing. Joiners who trespass will be treated depending on the level of the transgression:

  • A joiner who takes a couple of steps over the border and then returns to the edge to how will have no problem joining and will be a Greenhorn.
  • A joiner who trespasses deep into the pack on at least one occasion and is caught by any pack member will likely be allowed to join, but his attitude towards whoever finds him and the member who accepts him will determine his rank: Greenhorn or Flotsam.
  • A joiner who trespasses deep into the territory on more than one occasion or steals from the pack is not likely to be allowed to join, and if he can, he will start at the rank of Flotsam.

Please note that these points are a general guideline for when trespassing is not plotted out, so all we can do is have our characters react. If you would like to join in this way, please PM the Krokar account to work out at least the basics with us so that everyone is happy with a realistic outcome. Starting as Flotsam is only meant to be an IC punishment, after all!


Members are allowed to have visitors within the pack as long as they are supervised in a reasonable manner by the Krokar member. For example, it is fine for the visitor to do some solo hunting for part of her visit. It's not okay for the Krokar member to leave her to her own devices the entire time.

If the visitor causes trouble, the Krokar leadership will ask her to ask her to leave the pack. If the visitor plans to cause trouble, please let us know with a PM to the Krokar account. Otherwise IC permission for the visitor can be assumed.