General Information

Co-ranks are marked with the rank paths they pertain to, and many of them overlap. This doesn't mean that someone in the Defense path couldn't be a farmer, however one (preferably two) of the co-ranks must be associated with the chosen path. There is also the option to create your own co-rank if your character has an interest that is not listed. Characters may earn four (4) co-ranks, maximum.

To gain a co-rank, complete two (2) threads carrying out or learning the duties required, then PM the OOC account with the links.

To maintain a co-rank, the player should post at least once every two months with their character fulfilling co-rank duties. This can be a self or shared thread. Multiple co-rank abilities can be used in one thread if desired.

To create your own co-rank: PM the OOC Account with your idea first, if approved, you will be prompted to provide three (3) completed threads where your character is fulfilling the tasks your co-rank idea would entail. One (1) of these examples can be a self-thread of at least 1000 words.

Monthly Featured Co-Ranks

Every month, we feature a different co-rank and reduce the requirement of completed threads down to one (1) for that co-rank!

To be eligible, the thread must be started in the month the co-rank was featured and submitted for approval within three (3) months. In order for a thread to be considered complete, the member gaining the co-rank must post at least three(3) times, have a total work count of 1000 words, and include at least one (1) pNPC in the thread. ROs and self-threads are not accepted.



These members are the best fishers in the pack. Possessing knowledge with some form of fishing (spears, poles, nets, etc.) or more, they know all the best spots and easily bring in the most revenue for the pack. Anglers keep the fishing holes accessible in the winter months where rivers and lakes tend to freeze over. (any)


The Brewer is an artisan of libation. They are involved in the production of alcohol, wine and spirits, with specializations in the processes of distillation, brewing or vintning. They are able to operate the equipment for distillation, understand the basic principles of fermentation, and are practiced in brewing procedures. Their products can be used for drinking, trade, or medicinal purposes. (production, trade)


These pack members possess varied skills in defense and fighting. They are the "muscle" of the pack, usually scrapping with fellow packmates to keep up their skills as well as training other members with or without weapons. (defense)


Cartographers are responsible for creating and updating the maps of Krokar, including newly discovered or changed landmarks, good fishing places, common prey locations, and hazards. They collaborate so that the official maps of Krokar have similar distance measurements and landmark placements. (defense, production)


These pack members are adept with working, cutting, and crafting wood. They are normally considered the repairmen of Krokar for being skilled with their hands, and are often the individuals sought out to help build personal rafts and canoes. (any)


Individuals possessing above average skills with preparing food, using herbs, and vegetables. (any)


Pack members in charge of storage and keeping the daily catch fresh in transit and back in the packlands. A Cooper knows how to keep pests away and spoilage at a minimum. (trade, production, defense)


These individuals are easily the strongest swimmers of the pack, feeling equally comfortable above the surface of water and below it. They can hold their breath for exceptionally long periods of time in order to dive deep within the ocean, lakes, and rivers they often frequent. Divers often seek out a variety of sea and freshwater food for the pack, as well as collecting trade valuables such as oysters for their pearls and shiny abalone shells which can be used for jewelry, adornments, and even decorating the handles of various weapons. (any)


Individuals responsible for the upkeep of livestock and creation of basic animal goods. I.E. getting wool from sheep, milk from cattle or goats, and eggs from hens and geese. Drovers oversee the draft horses and keep them in good traveling condition. (production, trade)


These individuals should have vast knowledge of other packs and their cultures, or actively aspiring to learn such things. The Emissary strives to keep up good relations for trading purposes as well as keeping the peace between their pack and others. They act as the face and voice of Krokar to other packs. (exploration, trade)


Keepers and trainers of birds of prey and other feathered beasts. (any)


Pack members that are the "green thumbs" of the pack, responsible for growing the crops needed to help feed the livestock and the pack. (production, trade)


These individuals are the weaponsmiths; open to a variety of weapons makers and crafters. (defense, production, trade)


Those who hold this co-rank work hands-on with the caribou - either training them for caravan/sled pulling or making sure the right resources are available to them at different periods in the year. (any)


Pack members skilled with skinning animals, tanning and curing hides, as well as manipulating animal skins to create armor and other leather goods. (defense, production, trade)


Lookouts are considered the first defense of the pack. These individuals are often seen patrolling the borders, fortifying scent markers, screening loners who have come too close to the claimed lands, investigating any suspicious activity near the borders and within the packlands, and sometimes tasked with guarding Krokaran members on various diplomatic or trading missions to other packs and through hostile territory. A Lookout may even be assigned to following questionable visitors who are permitted entry on a temporary basis into Krokar. Created by Candace. (defense)


The main traders of the pack, these individuals are expected to use their best judgement when bargaining offers and trades with other packs and neutrals. While every member is encouraged to trade goods, Merchants trade on behalf of Krokar and like Emissaries, are a direct representation of the pack. (trade, exploration)


Pack members gifted with voice or a knack for instruments. They provide a morale boost on trading expeditions, can keep time for rowing (usually on a drum), and are the general entertainment at pack festivals and meetings. (any)


Pack members that keep track of the pack's needs and history in a written log. These individuals are knowledgeable in reading and writing. (production, trade)


A co-rank for a pack member who likes hunting down shinies, searching for goods along the lakeshore and river banks, pack territory, and unclaimed lands that could be salvaged for trade or use. These individuals may or may not steal from other canines outside of Krokar, but if thievery should occurr, they'd go to great lengths to keep it a secret and Krokar's name out of it. Scavengers are the unofficial scouts of Krokar. (exploration, production, trade)


Intune with the unseen elements of the world, Shamans feel at complete peace with nature and truly believe they can commune with the River Goddess and the spirits of this realm and the next. Devotees of Animism, Shamans work to keep the balance, oftentimes “giving back” to the earth with small offerings and prayers and making every effort to waste nothing. When bad weather or hard times befall the pack, Shamans are often looked to, to smooth things over with the Goddess or the spirits someone may have unknowingly angered. (any)


Oftentimes, the carpenters of the pack will find themselves picking up this co-rank. A shipwright is an individual who has honed their skills of working wood to create and craft water worthy vessels that can sail down rivers and float on lakes. They make necessary repairs on rafts and canoes, prepare, and test their creations for the water. (any)


The master hunters; can catch a variety of land animals. They are knowledgeable of the best hunting grounds and migration patterns/breeding seasons of hunted prey. (any)


Medics; has a vast knowledge of the uses for plants and herbs as well as tending to wounds and various ailments. (exploration, defense)


These members are skilled with their hands in a different way. They take care of creating the personal and membership flags, patching up and creating clothes, and oversee all canvas and the fabrics used. They usually are skilled with various dyes. (production, trade)


These canines possess a wealth of equestrian knowledge and skills that can vary and mold to the needs of the pack. Normally these skills pertain to riding, general horse care, driving, wagon and load training, and breaking new horses. Teamsters have forged a strong bond with their own personal horses or the members of the communal herd, and can help educate other pack members. Created by Hannah. (any)


Weavers are responsible for the creation of the pack's baskets, creels, boxes, mats, and other woven items. These members know how to collect, store, and use the materials necessary to produce the various types of these artifacts, including but not limited to tree bark, vines, rushes, grasses, animal hair, and thread. Weavers are also skilled with repairing items previous made from woven materials. Created by Mandi. (trade, production, exploration)