Questions and Answers

“How will my character fit in Krokar if they’re deathly afraid of water?”

Have no fear, if your character prefers the comfort of land beneath their paws and prefer to be far from the water, they can still find a variety of jobs to do on the shore to contribute to pack economy and more!
“My character doesn’t have a raft or canoe to fly a flag. Can my character still collect flags?”
Yes, of course! Flags can also be strung up outside of a character’s home, worn along with any garments they choose to don, or even attached to weaponry they use. A character/player is free to decide how their flags would be displayed.
“Does my character need to be at a certain rank to get a raft or canoe?”
Greenhorns and above may own or craft their own vessel. If they have no experience with building either a raft or canoe, they can always get in touch with a pack Carpenter to build one, or go through the trial and error process themselves. First and even second attempts won’t always be successful, but failures make for interesting threads!
“I want my character to move up in ranks, but I don’t think I can maintain more than 1 co-rank. Can I still rank up without the required co-ranks?”
We wanted co-ranks to truly set Krokar apart from other packs. However, we understand how accumulating up to 3 co-ranks might be a bit daunting, especially if you have high aspirations for your character.
This is why you’ll see that to maintain the co-ranks, we’ve made it fairly easy: “To maintain a co-rank, the player should post at least once every two months with their character fulfilling co-rank duties. This can be a self or shared thread. Multiple co-rank abilities can be used in one thread if desired.”
If picking up another co-rank is still an issue, we would be more than happy to work with you. IC activity and pack helpfulness will also be taken into account when it comes to promotions.

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