General Information

The path members take is determined by the co-ranks they choose. No matter what path a member takes, everyone is expected to pitch in with all tasks when necessary.


Those who choose this path are away from the pack lands fairly often to trade with other packs. They can travel by land or water, and they also build political relationships by pursuing trades that are good for both sides. They commonly work with the Explorers.


Pack members in the production path are the craftsmen, farmers, maintainers, and builders of the pack. They create the goods that are sent to trade, take care of the livestock, and see to making sure the buildings are getting repaired as needed.


When the call of more than one path appeals to a member, they might see that Foundation is the way to go. These individual’s strengths are varied and they may feel pulled in many different directions, but the heart of their skills seems to lay in building up the very core of Krokar by strengthening the bonds of inner pack relations and completing tasks that would serve the community as a whole. They often choose co-ranks that can apply to any of the paths and tend to stay close to home.


This path is for pack members with a bit of wanderlust. Explorers are also often away from the pack--when they’re not already exploring every nook and cranny of the claimed lands--mainly during the warmer months searching for new trade routes, fishing spots, and places to go scavenging. They are often in contact with the Traders on things they’ve found of value..


Those in the Defense path tend to be much more adept at fighting than others. Their job is to protect the pack from outsiders, and they can also accompany trading and exploration missions. Often training when not on patrol, Defenders are encouraged to teach basic fighting and defense skills to their packmates.