General Information

Ranks in Krokar are based on sailing words, although they don't follow the hierarchy of a ship completely.

Leader Ranks


Up to two characters may hold this rank. They are the most seasoned members of the pack, capable of assuming many hats if necessary and deemed the respected and deserving leaders of Krokar. A Captain's duties include, overseeing all of the paths, taking interest in any Greenhorn's training, maintaining a Sociocratic society, organization and decision making. All final decisions are not made until they have been advised by their Quartermaster, Commander, and the council of Navigators.


The holder of this rank is a highly respected and capable individual, trusted with leading the pack along with the Commander should the Captain(s) be absent. He or she is responsible for the economy of the pack, therefore, the Quartermaster oversees all Production and Trade, making sure the wishes of the Captain are carried out. The Navigators of Production and Trade work closely with the Quartermaster to bring the most revenue to the pack.


Considered the left hand to the Quartermaster's right, the Commander oversees the pack's Defense and Exploration paths. This individual is tasked with enforcement of Krokar laws and carrying out any flogging or punishment to be had. The Navigators of Defense and Exploration work closely with the Commander, keeping order and pack security at the forefront of their minds. Should the Captain(s) be absent, the Commander and Quartermaster would lead in their stead.


These are the council. Their opinions are taken into account by the Captain while making major decisions. They also oversee their paths to ensure all necessary jobs are being completed. The council rotates every couple months based on activity, or sooner in the case of a player/character disappearing. Being chosen as a Navigator is a privilege, and can be turned down without repercussion. Being returned to the Magnate rank is not something to be ashamed of.

Navigators can greet and accept potential Greenhorns, offer guidance and insight on any large decisions for the pack, and have the responsibility of coming up with a bi-monthly non-mandatory pack thread.

Being promoted to Navigator is determined by the leadership based on activity.


Standard Ranks

Magnate (3 co-ranks)

As highly skilled members of each rank tier, these members will work with those of lower ranks to help them learn. This is the group of individuals in which the council members (Navigators) are selected from. Magnates are expected to keep the Navigators updated on the goings on of their specific paths.

A Magnate can organize expeditions to other packs for diplomacy or trading purposes and are allowed to greet and accept potential Greenhorns.

In order to be promoted to Magnate, pack members must gain another co-rank and have been a Wayfarer for a month.

Wayfarer (2 co-ranks)

At this rank, pack members are still improving themselves. They also know enough to help those of lower ranks who are just beginning to learn, while still seeking instruction and further education from the Magnates as well.

A Wayfarer can greet potential joiners, but cannot accept them unless they receive OOC permission.

In order to be promoted to Wayfarer, pack members must gain another co-rank and have been an Outrigger for a month.

Outrigger (1 co-rank)

Pack members in this rank have chosen the skill path they wish to follow, and have proven their skills in fishing or animal husbandry at a basic level. Their duties include improving the skills they have as well as expanding their repertoire.

In order to be promoted to Outrigger, pack members must gain a co-rank that pertains to the rank path they've chosen, as well as have a thread where they are fishing or seeing to the livestock. This thread can be anything to do with fishing, whether it's learning how to use a canoe or raft, or fishing from one, or anything that demonstrates the skill. The same goes for a livestock thread. They could be feeding the herds, mucking stalls, collecting wool, etc.


This is the rank all new members are given upon acceptance. They are required to learn some sort of fishing skill or basic animal husbandry, particularly for the caribou. Greenhorns are expected to learn the ways of the pack, as well as explore different jobs to figure out what their passions are. They are often guided by the Captain or another higher up.


Other Ranks

Old Salt

The Elders of the pack are given this rank when they can no longer perform all of their duties. They are free to continue doing tasks they enjoy doing at their leisure, as well as passing on knowledge and wisdom to younger generations.


Puppies of the pack are born into this rank and are promoted to Greenhorn at seven months old. Adults are expected to integrate the young into pack lifestyle and culture as soon as possible.


Pack member who have broken the rules may be demoted to Flotsam. From here, they must work back to the rank they previously held. They are promoted to Outrigger upon proving they deserve another chance. In the meantime, they get to do the more undesirable jobs, such as mucking the stalls and enclosures, gutting fish, and de-griming rafts and canoes. Some form of flogging or public punishment may also be carried out if deemed necessary.