General Information

Krokar offers a private Discord for its members to connect OOCly, plot, and just hang out! If you would like to join the server, contact the KR OOC account, or if you're already chatting with one of Krokar's leaders on Discord, feel free to ask there.

Who can Join?

Only current and prospective Krokar members may join the server. Prospective members are those who will have a character join Krokar within two weeks. This allows for lining up some plots and getting to know everyone else!

If you have left Krokar, we ask that you please leave the server. Krokar leaders will remove non-members who do not meet the above criteria with the first board-wide activity sweep around the 1st of each month. You are always welcome to return if you re-join the pack!


  1. If you wouldn't say it in public, don't say it on our server.
  2. The server is primarily for OOC discussion. Very brief back and forth RP as part of conversation is allowed; for example, a quote of how your character would react to something. If it goes on for more than two turns, please move it elsewhere.
  3. Please do not discuss adoptables or content for other packs at-length. Those packs may even have their own servers you join! :)
  4. Direct members who want to join the server to a pack leader to be added.
  5. Please do not cause drama with other members or post passive-aggressive messages.

Table of Contents


This chat may contain material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. Please be aware before asking to join.

Please Note

If you break the rules listed on this page or any of 'Souls board-wide rules, you risk removal from the chat. Incidents of breaking the board-wide rules will be reported to the 'Souls Assemblage.